General requirements for documents

General rules for submitting documents to the consular section

The application must be submitted by the person in respect of whom the consular action is carried out, unless otherwise stipulated by the procedure (exceptional cases require settlement with the consul).

Only a complete package of documents could be accepted.

Applicant should have a valid passport (not a plastic ID).

Applications and questionnaires must be prepared in advance, all fields (columns) must be filled in (omissions are not allowed), filling out souldbe  carried out in the language in which the form is drawn up (exception — the address of residence in Israel — to indicated in Roman letters).

Documents issued outside the Republic of Belarus must be accompanied by an apostille (except for identity documents), which is to be affixed on the original of these documents (on Israeli documents the apostille is usually affixed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry).

Documents drawn up in a foreign language (even partially) must be translated into Belarusian or Russian. The translator's signature must be notarized, the document drawn up by a notary must also be accompanied by an apostille (on documents notarized in Israel the apostille is usually affixed in an Israeli court).

The translation must contain all the text of the original document (abbreviations are not allowed). The same names and titles in the target language must be the same in all submitted documents. Translation of names in foreign documents must correspond to the spelling of names in documents issued in the Republic of Belarus.

All documents must be presented with copies in the specified quantity. Unless otherwise specified, a copy of all pages of the document is required, including apostille and translation.

The seals, stamps and signatures in the copy of the document must be legible and correspond to the quality of the original document.

The copied document must be completely placed within the sheet, without offsets beyond its borders.

When applying for multiple family members, the required copies must be provided separately with each application.

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